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Job openings from ForensicJOBS.com:

The following positions were received by our editors for posting. These job openings will be carried in the FraudDETECTIVES Consultant Network web site until the respective positions are filled.

No jobs as of this time.

Hiring Managers -- Interested in placing open positions here?

It's free if your firm is a subscribing member. For all others, it's $59 per month. Contact us at info@FraudDetectives.com with your requirements. You can reach us by phone at 800-706-0636, fax at 732-842-2403, or mail at: Want Ads, The FraudDETECTIVES Consultant Network, A Division of The Forensic Group LLC, P.O. BOX 816, Red Bank, NJ 07701.

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We have experienced pros and recent grads on file, with more coming in all the time. Send us your requirements at info@FraudDetectives.com to let us help you find the talent you need.

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Looking for a career in the fast-growing forensic accounting field? Send us your resume for inclusion in our upcoming members-only ForensicJOBS.com database at ForensicJOBS@FraudDetectives.com.

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Place your open requirements with The FraudDETECTIVES. Contact us at info@FraudDetectives.com by e-mail, or call us now at 1-800-706-0636 for cost-effective want ads to reach the qualified candidates that visit this site, for either permanent or interim assignments.

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